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Picture of Kershaw Skyline Knife

The Kershaw Skyline

Ah, now you’re talking! Sleek, sturdy, sharp and affordable. The Kershaw Skyline knife is a tool unto itself. It’s got a textured handle providing a secure grip. Its locking liner keeps the blade safely in place until you release it. The  Flipper System® opens the knife easily with your index finger – with either hand! And it comes with a removable pocket clip that can be reversed for a tip-up or tip-down carry. That about covers it all from stem to stern.

But let me get into some detail for you. One of Kershaw’s most popular pocket knives, there is much to be said about its desirability. Let me start with the stuff it’s made of: the 3 1/8 inch blade is made of Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel. Now unless you’re a devoted wife buying for her husband ( gota love her ), you’ll know this material provides the hardness needed for the job, whatever that job may be.

 And you should know that 14C28N stainless steel is part of a wave of new knife steels that have low carbon counts and high nitrogen counts. Why is this important, you wonder? Why, I’m glad you asked: Simply put, it helps to keep the steel hard and provides better corrosion resistance. Just what every man desires, hardness and a little resistance!

Now if you look at the blade, you’ll see that it’s a conventional drop-point blade. This is a versatile design that gives good balance for many purposes. As a slicer, you’ll notice that the blade is hollow ground. That means the surface between the cutting edge and the spine is slightly concave. And it’s only 1/16 of an inch thick. You’ll also notice that it has quite a long cutting edge in proportion to the blade. And the cutting edge is exactly as long as the blade, so it rivals the cutting efficiency of  many other knives which are up to 1/2" longer.

But don’t let me stop there! Permit me to tell you about the rest of the knife. Overall, it weighs only 2.3 ounces and measures 4 ¼ inches closed and 7 3/8 inches when open. The ergonomically-styled handle is made of a fibreglass called G-10 and has a  stonewashed bead-blast finish. This fibreglass is light but tough and practically indestructible. And with the scales etched into the handle, the non-slip surface won’t slip off your pocket edge if accidentally brushed that way. Nor will it slip out of your hand easily. If your hand is wet and it starts to slip, you’ll feel it. Those non slip scales are kind’a like a free insurance policy for your safety.

And then there’s the Flipper feature. That’s the way you deploy your knife. Just like the Kershaw Leek has the SpeedSafe-assisted opening mechanism, the Kershaw Skyline has the Flipper. You can quickly open your blade with just your index finger and it serves as a finger guard, preventing the blade from accidentally closing on you. And that’s the index finger on either hand. So don’t let anyone say it’s not as ambidextrous as Kershaw’s more expensive blades.

Now speaking of the Flipper feature brings me to my next point: The liner lock. Its role is obviously to keep the blade in the open position but there’s also a bump on the lock that mates with the hole on the blade to keep it closed, too. Now if you can read between those lines, it’ll say to you that you’ll have to apply a little extra pressure to open the blade, disconnecting the hole from the bump. That’s the safety feature Kershaw built in to prevent an accidental opening. Ingenious!

And then on top of all that, there’s the finger groove. This deep index finger groove gives you a more positive grip that prevents slippage and makes the knife safer to handle. Especially in the thrust action. That’d be a bad time for your hand to slip!

And like all its Kershaw cousins, it has a handy dandy – and removablepocket clip because all guys have preferences of whether to carry our knives tip-up or tip-down. And then there’s those guys who don’t want it attached at all! They just want to slip it into their pockets. And without the clip, it’s a mere 3/8 inch thick so nobody will even know it’s there, not even your wife when you’re out on a hot date with her and you’re wearing your handsome-est lightweight pants. When she’s eye-balling you across the room, that hard thing you want her to see down there shouldn’t be your knife.

And lastly – but not the least of all the Skyline’s noteworthy attributes – is Skyline’s torx screw construction. If you have the appropriate screwdriver bits, you can adjust the pivot tension if you want to or you can dissemble the knife for cleaning and lubrication. You may have noticed that many knives are put together with rivets which makes adjustment impossible and cleaning a sour chore! Not the Skyline. Convenience and usefulness all rolled into one knife!

So in a nutshell, Kershaw designer Tommy Lucs has hit a homerun with his Skyline design. This EDC (every day carry) knife comes out of the box fully lubricated and sharpened, reporting for duty. It comes in basic black or a special "Damascus" edition or the ACU digital camo G-10 version. And all are plain edged. There is no serrated choice in the Skyline, ‘cuz I know you’re going to ask. It’s a steal of a deal at around $35 and made exclusively in America.

The Kershaw Skyline is a popular knife that makes you feel like you’re cutting through butter every time you use it even though it’s considered a "work-horse" of a pocket knife. It has a limited lifetime warranty (which you may very likely never need) and I know you will be thrilled with this humble little utility tool.